January 19, 2009

I love sneakers.  I especially like ones without logos on them.  I saw these on (one of my favorite fashion blogs) and I peed a little with excitement.  The line is called Garment Surplus and they are available at Urban Outfitters.  

Im a size 8.  Feel free to spoil me!


i love this

January 9, 2009

this color looks really great on my friend katie but really bad on me. i am jealous of her (and you if you also look good in mustard).
urban outfitters


but i sure as fuck wish that I did.


Strippers need extravagant things.  I personally like tacky gold jewelry.  My favorite place to look for this is on costumey websites like  I probably would never wear any of the super-hip’n’trendy t-shirts on these websites (except maybe as a joke…to bed.) BUT sometimes you find REALLY awesome trinkets….like this 3 fingered snake ring which I obviously need.  If I can come up with 350 expendable dollars, I think this is what I will spend it on….right before I start saving for that new macbook that I know you’ve been droolin’ over!


serpent ring

serpent ring

Dont put it past me to get my nails pierced either….no joke.

So I recently posted a bulletin on my myspace asking my friends to fill me in on their personal projects.  I am a big fan of DIY fashion.  One of a kind items are super special and add a really nice personal touch to anyone’s repertoire.  Upon receiving a couple of lovely responses from my woderful friends, I started planning the ones that I really wanted to blog about and share with you.  One of my absolute favorites is definitely this bag made of recycled bike tire tubes….I wish I had known about this in Spring!  I am definitely about to start stocking up on Cherry Bombin’ wear as soon as I get settled in my new city in Austin TX!


Bath time

June 12, 2008

So with a stressful move upon me and wrapping up 3 months of crashing either with family or at my boyfriend’s apartment, I am SO ready for my new place with a new bath tub.  For those of you who don’t know about Lush bath products, I am here to enlighten you.  Handmade products with all natural ingredients that smell like heaven and leave your skin soft and amazing….best ever.  Everything is hand packaged in the most modest way possible, so you are paying for the product, not the packaging!  So awesome!  This is a bubble bath thing.  You crumble some of it off and put it in your tub and viola!  heaven!  check it.




May 28, 2008

Okay, let’s just get one thing clear, I love shoes. Every day my desire grows, some days to the point where I worry it’s bordering on fetish… getting slightly aroused when surrounded by amazing shoes points in that direction. It can come in quite handy however, when my life in other “arousing” areas is lacking, to find myself able to bask in the afterglow of an exceptional purchase. While I can have enough of sex, I can never ever sate my desire for a real nice pair of podiatric adornments.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of things that make my mouth water and my knees weak.

You know what else makes me real happy?  Cute little frilly dresses that are not at all practical but are oh so magical.

Betsey Johnson dresses are one of the few things that make me desperately wish that I was rich and could spend lots of money on frivalous things and had lots of fancy parties to go to.


xo Livia

Well hello and hi.  I guess I should introduce myself.  I’m Swindle, and I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a perv.  I am currently experiencing mass amounts of life changes.  When I find myself in tumultuous times such as these, I tend to put the stresses of large shifts to the mental back burner, and replace them with online window shopping and home planning.  Hey, one of my changes happens to be my housing situation.  So this little distraction from reality is somewhat justified, mmk?

Well, me being a bit of a perv and such, and me being in dire need of (or at least telling myself I am in need of) new bed linens, I thought to myself, since most of the pervy action in my life occurs in my bedroom (unless you get some good whiskey in me, in which case it can occur right in the back alley of a seedy L.A. bar, complete with some bum pissing across the way by the dumpster as an onlooker), then why not have my linens suit these actions?  And in steps True Love Always.

A lovely little designer linen shoppe, TLA has a decent range of wonderful designs to suit nearly every level of perv.  From modest and meek, to daring and not-safe-for-the-guest-bedroom-when-Aunt Sylvia-is-visiting-during-her-missionary-trip, this little online gem makes me want to sell one of my souls for a few pillowcases and shams.  Are they called shams?  Maybe I mean duvet cover.  I need etiquette school apparently, someone recommend one, please and thank you.

Anyhooters, out of the selections, my favorites are a three-way tie between the tamer “True Love World”, though I think my attraction to this one may be the promo shot in the woods with the birdy on her finger (seriously, let’s all go sleep in rainforests and dream of fairies and unicorns, what more could a girl want?!), the demanding “Love Honor Obey”, and the “Flamingo Orgy” set, for, well, potentially obvious reasons.


But seriously, asides from these beddings hitting a sweet spot of my often sex-crazed nature, the designs really are quite gorgeous, and I would love nothing more than to wrap myself up in a tumble of legs, whips, and, are those mushrooms?  Now THAT sounds like a nice and pervy night indeed!

Pervertedly Yours,



Swindle graduated

May 22, 2008

and if I had money to pay my billz I would definitely buy her betsey johnson jewelry like this octo!

❤ Chels

oh hai!

May 21, 2008

I am moving in a few weeks.  I can’t stop furniture shopping.  I am a lighting whore.  LOOKIE WAT I FOUND at!